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​​Probably the most common reason why individuals, teams and companies struggle to reach their full potential, is the fallacy that in order to be successful, you need to 'fix your weaknesses'. ​​​
​Take a moment to think about something you really enjoy doing - the reason why you enjoy doing it so much, is probably because when doing it, you're using your 'strengths'. When you use your strengths, you perform at your best, you're more motivated and it energizes you. This is why, when you work with your strengths, you can often keep on going  nearly indefinately. Trying to improve on our weaknesses, on the other hand, is mostly innefective, demotivating and drains our energy.​​

Businesses Focusing on Strengths have:

  • ​Significantly improved employee performance.
  • 72% lower staff turnover.
  • 7% increase in customer engagement.
  • 15% increase in employee engagement.
  • 29% profit increase.
  • 59% lower safety incidents.​
​​The futility of a remedial or 'weakness fixing' approach has been confirmed by more than 40 years of research by the Gallup Organization, which included millions of people around the globe. This research proved conclusively that the best-led organizations know that the most direct path to individual, team, and organizational improvement begins with an investment in their employees' natural talents (which become 'strengths' if developed). The key to success is not to focus on improving weaknesses, but to discover what's naturally 'right' with people, and then build on that.​​


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Taking the strengths-approach a step further, we have been combining strengths with neuro-based leadership (neuroleadership) and we're seeing some really powerful results.
​​Neuro-based leadership is an emerging field which integrates principles and insight from social neuroscience,  leadership practice and positive psychology. By applying the principles of neuro-based leadership, leaders enable their people to function at their best by considering and managing some of the neural processes that precedes behaviour (see blog article "Lead in a Way that Will Engage People's Minds"). 

Combining neuro-based leadership with a strengths-approach therefore not only provides leaders with insight into the workings of the human brain in social situations (such as the workplace), but also provides them with the 'tools' (strength-profiles and training) to effectively manage and direct people's neural responses in a positive and constructive manner.  By enabling people to use and develop their strengths, leaders are thus driving and directing employee engagement at a neurological level. And it works.

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"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)
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There are many reasons why we use CliftonStrengths. In a world obsessed with developing or fixing our weaknesses, the Strengths approach invites you to focus on what is right and strong about YOU. With this approach, we help our clients to build strong people, strong teams and strong strengths-based organizational cultures. After all, it is only from a place of strength that individuals and organizations can have significant and long-term impact.

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