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Our NeuWorx Coach Training Programme is facilitated by master facilitators who are internationally recognised as experts in their field...

Dries Lombaard

TOP 10 Strengths:

Ideation, Input, Intellection, Learner, Maximizer, Adaptability, Deliberative, Connectedness, Achiever and Analytical. 
Favourite Quote:

I am prepared, not scripted
Dries Lombaard is globally acknowledged as a thought leader in Strengths and Strengths-based development. He pioneered the Strengths-movement in South Africa when he brought Gallup's CliftonStrengths (formerly known as StrengthsFinder) into the country in 2006 and has subsequently coached and trained thousands of individuals and teams in Strengths and Strengths-based Development. 

Dries  received his training as a Strengths Performance Coach (SPC III) and in Strengths Based Leadership from the Gallup University in Omaha, Nebraska . He also studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Pretoria where he majored in psychology, history and philosophy. Dries also holds certifications from Strengths Strategy (USA), the International Coach Academy (ICA), and  he is a certified coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

He has coached and trained individuals (including more than 800 coaches to date) and teams in countries such as Russia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Libya, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenia, Botswana, Namibia, Morocco and South Africa for clients such as Aurecon, BASF, First National Bank, Aveng, MTN, Alan Gray, AVBOB, Discovery, MMI, Momentum, Old Mutual, VISA and Volkswagen.  

Over the years, Dries accumulated more than 7 000 hours of active Executive Strengths Coaching experience, making him one of the most experienced Strengths Coaches in the world. He was instrumental in establishing one of the strongest strengths coach networks on the planet and in 2013 received recognition for his expertise when he became the only person outside the USA to be invited to be part of the Gallup Strengths Advisory Forum.

​Since May 2019 Dries is a full partner (previously being an associate) in the Strategic Leadership Institute where he serves as Executive: Coaching and Mentoring. He is married to Rethea and the couple have three daughters and they live in Pretoria, South Africa.

Joe Cavanaugh III

TOP 10 Strengths:

Ideation, Input, Communication, Maximizer, Connectedness, Activator, Strategic, Learner, Individualization, Woo.
Favourite Quote:

Authentic affirmation is at the root of virtually all human happiness. Severe deprivation of authentic affirmation is at the root of most of mankind’s ills.”
Joe has extensive experience in the business world as founder and President of Equip2Equip and Stereo West Inc and he has also served in C-Level positions for several nonprofit organisations.

Joe worked as the Lead Partner of the Gallup Faith Division from 2005 through the summer of 2009. His years at Gallup underscored the global reality that personal self-awareness was the foundation of leading a fulfilling and abundant life.  He currently serves as President of the International Coach Federation Nebraska Chapter.

Since 2002 Joe has coached over 5,000 individuals and trained hundreds of StrengthsFinder and Life Coaches throughout the US, Southern Africa and the Asia Pacific Region. Joe also loves public speaking and is a frequent presenter at professional conferences, universities and churches.

In 2013 Joe became a published author with his book The Language of Blessing (published by Tyndale House Publishing and available in Kindle, Nook and E-Book versions as well as in paperback).

In addition to his  coaching certifications Joe is also:
  • Licensed and Certified Professional Paterson LifePlan Facilitator
  • Licensed MCORE Coach,  Consultant and Certified National Trainer.
  • Certified VIA Strengths Coach and Consultant
  • Licensed Paterson StratOp Facilitator 
  • Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach: individual, team and full 34 as well as a Strengths Coach Trainer in all three areas.
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

Joe is married with five sons and three grandchildren.
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"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)