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Individual Strengths Coaching


Imagine doing what you do best - working with your natural strengths - every single day. Sadly, according to Gallup's research, only about 12% of people  use their strengths every day while 73% of people only get the chance to use their strengths about once per week. 

Discovering your strengths and focusing on them can change that for you. Over the last couple of years we have heldped individuals of all ages from different backgrounds and at different places in their lives and careers, discover the joy and impact of developing and using their strengths on a regular basis. 
To embark on this exciting and possibly life-changing journey, all you need to do is to contact us and we'll get you on your way, starting with the online CliftonStrengths assessment. ​Once you've completed the assessment, an accredited Strengths Coach will use the results (your unique talent profile) to prepare for your individual coaching session which typically takes about two hours. 

Strengths Testimonies...


"Understanding and focusing on my strengths has changed the way I approach my job and career. If I think of the years people waste struggling to improve on their weaknesses, it's sad, I'm so greatful for this experience."
- Donna C. (Sales Manager)

 "We spend a lot of time and energy to develop our people and I have never come across anything as powerful as Strengths. We started with EXCO and the change has been phenominal. I'm excited about where we're heading as a team and a company."
- Vernon M. (CEO)

"When I received the report after completing the onine assessment, I was only mildly impressed. After my strengths coaching session, I was hooked."
- Xoliswa M (Programmer)

"Strengthsfinder has given me new understanding of myself and the people I work with. Next thing is to get my husband and kids to do the assessment!"
- Lize O. (HR)
​​During the coaching session (face-to-face or via Skype), the coach will guide you to better understand your unique talent profile and discover ways in which you can leverage these to improve performance, job satisfaction and personal fulfilment. ​​

Special attention will be given to how your different talent combinations could form "super strengths" which could potentially take your performance to the proverbial "next level" when applied effectively. The coach will also help you discover how your strengths often influences your behaviour and the way you perceive the world around you (insights which could be of even greater value if you opt for follow-up partner coaching with your spouse, business associate or even children).​​

Sounds good? Please click on the links below for more information about the Online Strengths Assessment and Team Strengths Development, or contact us now!

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"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)
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There are numerous reasons why we use CliftonStrengths. In a world obsessed with developing or fixing our weaknesses, the Strengths approach invites you to focus on what is right and strong about YOU. With this approach, we help our clients to build strong people, strong teams and strong strengths-based organizational cultures. After all, it is only from a place of strength that individuals and organizations can have significant and long-term impact.

If you're ready to start your strengths journey or if you need more information about this groundbreaking approach that may very well completely transform the way you look at yourself, other people and your work, please complete the form below and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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