Coach Testimonials

Here's some feedback from coaches and senior organisational leaders that have been trained and coached by our facilitators...

  1. "With his immensely profound knowledge and experience Dries Lombaard takes you to the depths of your deepest self as he sees patterns that no one else sees. There is no other way than to follow your own Strengths energy - he has given me such profound understanding of others and self and has brought my Strengths coaching to another dimension, enabling me to reach an even deeper impact for my clients."
    - Mariella Serra (Certified Strengths Coach, The Netherlands)
  2. "Dries Lombaard is a master coach who doesn't need your approval, and because of that he is honest, forthright and can give you the input and guidance needed. Listen and learn when you are with Dries. You will be stronger for it."
    - Philip Underwood (Development Strategist, Florida, USA)
  3. “I've attended three powerful Strengths Coaching courses presented by Dries Lombaard. My whole life, and my business, have changed for the better as a result. Dries is a wonderful facilitator and teacher. He thinks deeply about the material he teaches, and he keeps improving and renewing his knowledge and learning. He's at the forefront of the body of knowledge of Gallup/Clifton StrengthsFinder AND an innovator."
    - Liesel Teversham (Confidence Coach, Author, Podcast Host; United Kingdom)
  4. "We as BASF worked with Dries to deep dive, better understand and finally enhance our employee-engagement in our South African organization. I was personally involved in this initiative and I enjoyed how Dries introduced this matter and promptly captured the attention, then the true interest, of all our leadership in the company. Not only Dries' experience and knowledge but also his skills as facilitator were impressive to me."
    - Laurent Tanturier (Senior Vice President, BASF, Istanbul, Turkey)
  5. "I have come to know Dries over the past few years and can wholeheartedly advocate his absolute passion for growing people and strengthening teams. He is a true master in his field and I am often amazed by the wealth of knowledge he has. As a Strengths coach, Dries has become a mentor for me and he is a man I highly respect. Anyone wanting to maximize themselves or their team would be smart to involve Dries."
    - Gavin Lund (Specialist in Team Integration & Strengths-Based Development, Johannesburg, RSA)
  6. "Dries Lombaard is an exceptionally talented facilitator. He is insightful, intelligent and compassionate and has the ability to listen and adapt his input as the dynamics of a group unfold. He has impacted very positively on the working environments of several major companies and also in the lives of individuals. He really lives the Strengths framework and values and this shows clearly in all his interventions which are, without exception, innovative and powerful."
    - Jenny Clarence-Fincham (Independent Educational Specialist & Staff Development; KZN, South Africa)
  7. "True to his nature as a 'maximizer,' Dries has had a tremendous positive impact on the development journey of many who has crossed paths with him over the years. At various stages of my own development as a leader and leadership developer Dries has been the catalyst for deeper insight and further growth. Drawing from a wide knowledge base, keen insight, great creative abilities, and passion for people; Dries has the ability to inspire, equip and motivate on an exceptional level."
    - Manie Bosman (CEO Strategic Leadership Institute, Pretoria, South Africa)


"This training opened up a new world for me as a personal trainer.  Dries Lombaard can get the best out of you because he is the best in what he does.  He loves his work and gets his satisfaction from seeing you grow as a person. I have recommended him and his organization to many of my friends and people that I know because of that. He will not let you down.” - Entrepreneur, Pretoria
"The Clifton StrengthsFinder is an awesome tool, but if not facilitated by a professional expert in the field, it means very little. Dries Lombaard applied this tool in our context and it changed our organization forever." - Director of NGO, Limpopo
Dries Lombaard is an excellent coach and consultant who obviously has a deep passion for and knowledge of coaching. His company offers excellent opportunities for anyone to connect with themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way. The results are life changing to say the least.” - Actuary, Cape Town
"I’ve had the privilege of attending all three levels of Strengths coaching under the excellent facilitation of Dries Lombaard. He is a well-grounded and down to earth man who has a passion for people development and helping others discover their unique strengths and abilities in life. Dries strives to constantly improve and excel in what he delivers to his clients. He is a value creator in the truest sense." - Corporate Training & Development Professional, Cape Town.
"Dries Lombaard is the best coach in South Africa when it comes to applied Strengths in leadership and business. If not one of the best in the world." - COO, Johannesburg

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- Hypatia (370-415 AD)